What is Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (SFH)?

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy uses a combination of psychotherapeutic techniques and hypnosis to bring about lasting change to clients lives in a relatively short period of time.

As a modern approach, SFH uses well-researched strategies to help people make significant, positive changes in their lives. This form of therapy is very much focused on what the client wants to achieve (the solution) rather than at whatever prompted them to seek help (the problem).

Within Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, the use of hypnosis is a very natural, relaxing state, encouraged by using guided relaxation, where the mind can relax and then focus on thoughts and suggestions that might be useful. 

Unlike other forms of Hypnotherapy, SFH uses a specific structure, which incorporates several aspects of Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) and combines these with an understanding of how the brain works, in combination with using trance.

Sharon Thompson Solution Focused Hypnotherapist
Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is provided by Sharon Thompson

What can Solution Focused Hypnotherapy help with?

At the Victoria Therapy Centre this form of therapy can support clients who are ready to:

  • Stop Smoking
  • Lose Weight
  • Overcome Phobias
  • Improve Sleep
  • Recover from addiction (alcohol/gambling)
  • Increase Confidence

Sharon, our Solution Focused Hypnotherapist, can support you to restore health and happiness into your life. Together you will work on creating a preferred future state and then supporting that journey.

How long will the therapy take?

The average number of sessions required by clients is 8, with some requiring less and some requiring many more.
The Stop Smoking session is a single 90-minute appointment with some preparatory work sent to you beforehand.

Each appointment is charged at £70.

The price of a special “Stop Smoking” session is £180.

Once you decided to proceed, you will be sent a payment link to make an online payment 48 hours prior to your appointment.

How do I find out more?

To enquire further about SFH or to book a session, you can contact Sharon directly via email or call 07764 562 887.