Connect With Nature

So this week is Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK and this year’s theme is Connect with Nature.

Although COVID has brought us many new anxieties it has also brought about new positive opportunities and interests. A major one has been an increase in our interaction with and appreciation of the flora and fauna around us.

Many of us have spent more time walking and in the garden than we ever have before and the benefits on our mental health are clear. Research conducted by the Mental Health Foundation showed that 45% of us reported that green spaces had been vital for our mental health over the last year.

The classic remedies of fresh air and exercise cannot be underestimated and the appreciation of birdsong and a beautiful view really does provide positivity even on the darkest of days. And it doesn’t have to been some epic hike up a mountain, even taking a few minutes out of your day just sitting a green space can help.

We have found some many different ways to connect with nature and here are some of our ideas:

  • making a daisy chain;
  • jumping in muddy puddles on a welly walk;
  • bird watching;
  • enjoying a coffee on a park bench;
  • search the rock pools on a beach;
  • den building in your local woodland;
  • planting seeds/flowers to attract bees;
  • drawing a picture of the view through a window;
  • taking photos of wildlife and landscapes;
  • walking your/a neighbour’s dog;
  • making a fairy garden;
  • enjoying a picnic;
  • making art using materials from outside;
  • going on a bike ride;
  • building a hedgehog home;
  • identifying and exploring public footpaths;
  • identifying the bugs in your garden;
  • feeding the ducks;
  • setting up a wildlife camera;
  • dam building;
  • gardening; and the list goes on…

So how do you use nature to help your mental health? We’d love to hear your tips and experience of connecting with nature and how it has helped your mental health.

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