Here at Victoria Therapy Centre we offer a range of services to the therapists that use our rooms including marketing advice. Helena, one of our directors, is a qualified marketing professional with over 15 years experience and works alongside many of our therapists to help them develop their private practice.

Marketing services we offer include:

  • Creating a marketing strategy tailored to your specifications and your target market
  • Helping therapists setting up and managing social media accounts
  • Making suggestions for social media content to help engage potential clients
  • Advising on directory listings – which may be worthwhile or not!
  • Full website design if recommended and help with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Helping with logo design, branding and sales literature designs e.g. business cards.

At the Victoria Therapy Centre we also have an associate scheme for those wishing to appear on our website, however current availability for this is very limited. Please email to see if there may be an opportunity to appear on this website.

We take a very pragmatic, informal and collaborative approach to marketing. The aim is to provide guidance to therapists who may be new to promoting a business and helping build confidence in this area. It’s easy to just throw money at the problem, but this often doesn’t pay off. Sometimes the simplest and cheapest ideas are the most effective! We want to help minimise the time and work you need to spend on promoting your services whilst also keeping potential costs down.

Costs for this service start at nothing and are very reasonably priced for then on.

Marketing advice can be provided by meeting in person or remotely via phone, email or video calls, whichever works best for you. Please email to organise a free initial phonecall and find out more.