Dream Analysis Workshop

Dream Analysis Workshop at Victoria Therapy Centre, Saltaire

The Dream Analysis Workshop is led by Linsay Denton. Highly experienced and qualified, Lindsay has a diploma in this subject along with a number of other psychological therapy qualifications.

Linsay will initially provide information on dreams in general, why we dream and what dreams might mean. Then each particpant will have an opportunity to have their recurring dream analysed and interpreted.

For more information on the workshop or to book please email linsay@victoriatherapycentre.co.uk

This workshop will be held on Saturday 22nd February 2020, from 12 noon onwards at our premises in Saltaire. The introductory rate for the first Dream Analysis Workshop is just £35.

Group therapy room at the Victoria Therapy Centre, Saltaire. Group therapy room to rent
Group therapy room at the Victoria Therapy Centre, Saltaire

To book or for more information, please email linsay@victoriatherapycentre.co.uk

Dream Analysis Workshop poster Victoria Therapy Centre in Saltaire, West Yorkshire.