Recommended therapists:

The Victoria Therapy Centre now offers therapy specifically designed to help those dealing with issues in their relationship. Couples regularly come into conflict with each other as we all have experienced but when minor irregular arguments escalate the impact can be significant. Alternatively distance between partners may develop and the relationship may break down. Relationship difficulties often do not just affect the couple themselves but also friends and family around them. 

You may feel that you and your partner are at a point where you need to take some action before things deteriorate further, or you may just feel like you would both benefit from some speaking to an independent person about your relationship. This is where a qualified psychotherapist or counsellor can help. 

A qualified therapist can offer a non-judgmental space in which a couple can talk about the problems they are having. They are there to help two individuals work together to identify the root of their relationship issue, how that is impacting now and to find strategies to help the couple move on. 

Couples Counselling Room 4 at Victoria Therapy Centre in Shipley
CBT couples therapy at the Victoria Therapy Centre in Saltaire

There are different approaches when it comes to doing psychotherapy with couples. Our team currently offers counselling and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for couples. Our therapists work with lots of different people, whatever your marriage status or sexuality.

If you and your partner feel you would benefit from speaking to a specialist couples therapist, then please visit contact Linsay (CBT) or Samantha (counselling) for more information.